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Stocks of roundwood and chips

2. Stocks by wood balance region and assortment. Quarterly 2013Q1-

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As of 2022, the survey has been expanded for a more complete accounting of stocks of coniferous sawn timber by road. This means that comparisons with stocks for previous years should be made with extreme caution. We estimate that the extension corresponds to about 300,000 m3fub of softwood saw logs. Stocks of sawlogs 2014-2016 in wood balance region 1 was revised in February 2018.
Stocks of pulpwood 2016 in wood balance region 1 was revised in February 2018.
Stocks of sawlogs Q1 and Q2 in 2018 was revised in November 2018.
Stocks of sawlogs Q3 2018 were revised in November 16, 2018.
Stocks of chips and sprucepulpwood Q4 2019, were revised in Feburary 2020.
Stocks Q2 2022 were corrected on August 23 due to late responses.

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